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Making Elephants Fly | Conversations with High Octane Leaders, Dreamers, & Creatives

May 4, 2019

On this episode of Making Elephants Fly, Terry sits down with Aurora Gregory, David Dollar, and Chad Pennycuff. We talk about there experiences as Attendees of The thing and what they got out of the event. We answer the questions you submitted on my page about what the attendee experience is at the thing. Aurora Gregory helps entrepreneurs use marketing to build their business focusing on the banking industry and helping speakers get picked through her book "Get Picked: Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Creating an Irresistible Speaker Proposal." David Dollar is a podcaster (Magic on a Dollar & The Duececast) and is a Travel agent running his own business helping families plan vacations. Chad Pennycuff works for one of the largest organizations in the world innovating in call center technology during the day and at night run a community and podcast called "My DVC Points." Listen to this exciting episode to hear their journeys and how the thing has helped them in the work they do.

Use the code PODCAST to join Aurora, David, Chad, and Terry at The Thing 2019 in Orlando. Find out more at and .