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Making Elephants Fly | Conversations with High Octane Leaders, Dreamers, & Creatives

Apr 15, 2019

On this episode of Making Elephants Fly, Terry sits down with Rob Lott. Rob is a Disney Cast Member, actor, Speaker, Host of the Leading Creative Podcast, an avid reader, and one of the key leaders in Orlando's creative and theater community. Rob has been a professional performer and director for almost twenty years. He and his teams have created intimate atmosphere shows as well as spectacle stage productions for large audiences. His passion lies at the intersection of Leadership and Creativity. We learn how leadership is just a job, it's an art form and how you can lead creative regardless of your role in the show. We talk about the Circus, why Rob has so many job's and Disney and beyond, his role as Sixbits Slocum in the Hoop De Doo Musical review, and as one of the iconic Dapper Dans on Main Street USA. Stay tuned to the end when we talk about how to get a job at Walt Disney World. Together we will discover why safety is the enemy of us seeking our most creative work. Use the code PODCAST to join Rob and Terry at The Thing 2019 in Orlando. Find out more at and .