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Making Elephants Fly | Conversations with High Octane Leaders, Dreamers, & Creatives

Oct 1, 2018

On this episode of Making Elephants Fly, Terry sits down LIVE from The Thing 2018 in Orlando Florida, with the artist, entrepreneur, and author Craig Fraser. Craig has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, GM, Disney, Lucasfilm, Star Trek, CBS, Amazon, Fender, and West Coast Choppers to Name a few. His mural work can be seen in Guy Fieri's restaurants around the world, from Las Vegas, Central Florida, Abu Dabi, and South Africa. He's from Bakersfield, California, where he runs Air Syndicate Studio as well as being head artist/designer for Kal Koncepts. He's the author of the best selling “Automotive Cheap Tricks & Special FX” books, and have produced more than 25 instructional videos, as well as over 350 step-by-step feature articles for industry publications. This is one not to miss as Craig challenges us to break everything, defy the labels, and destroy the status quo. Join Terry as he sits down with Craig talking his creative work and what he's breaking next. Find out more at and join Craig and Terry at